The 365bet官方 薪酬调查 is an indispensable business tool for 365bet官方 member flight departments. 每年进行, the industry survey provides a comprehensive review of aviation department personnel salaries and benefits to help member companies better evaluate their own flight departments.

调查, 由BDO USA管理, 律师事务所, provides participants with a comprehensive picture of aviation department makeup, 关键好处, policies and compensation packages for their employees. 这包括:

  • Annual cash compensation, including base salary, overtime and annual incentives)
  • 薪水范围
  • 价值增加
  • 长期激励-资格和类型
  • Formally recorded duty/flight hours and weekend/RON days

调查提交由BDO USA, 律师事务所审核.

Participating 365bet官方 Business or Operating members receive complimentary access to the survey when published. 成员 Representative who have not participated in the current year’s survey may purchase access to survey results for $1,000.

To purchase 2021年薪酬调查结果, 电子邮件 或打电话 .

365bet官方 Individual Professional members are not eligible to access or purchase the 365bet官方 薪酬调查.

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