Noting there has been widespread misunderstanding of the term “actively engaged” for renewing an aircraft maintenance professional’s Inspection Authorization (IA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on August 4 issued a long-awaited clarification.


The enhanced definition will become effective with the next IA renewal expiration date of March 31, 2013. IA holders have the authority to sign off on aircraft annual inspections and “return to service” statements after major 修复s or alterations.

The clarification of “actively engaged” in maintenance work added specifics to the definition, and for the first time stated clearly that supervisory personnel and managers could be eligible for IA renewal based on their role in the maintenance operation. 365bet官方已经支持这一补充, believing that the lack of specific guidance had led some FAA inspectors to define the term narrowly and deny renewals to those individuals.

The FAA’s clarification also affirmed that attendance at an eight-hour maintenance seminar would not automatically qualify an IA holder for renewal without also satisfying 65.91(c)(1) -(4),正如许多IAs错误地认为的那样. 这些课程要求申请者获得A&P certificate for at least three years and have been actively engaged in aircraft maintenance for the prior two years. 申请人还必须有固定的365bet台湾基地和设备, 检查飞机及附件所需的设备及技术资料.

“The FAA has adopted a broad definition of ‘actively engaged’ in maintenance to include not only part-time employment but also occasional activity which does not requirement employment,告示上写道. “如提议的政策所示, the FAA values the substantive nature of experience rather than a strict quantity formula.”

新的措辞将被添加到FAA第8900号命令中.1, which gives guidance to FAA Aviation 安全 Inspectors (ASI) for issuing or renewing IAs. 纸条上会说:

“Actively engaged means an active role in exercising the privileges of an airframe and powerplant mechanic certificate in the maintenance of civil aircraft. 申请者检查, 改革, 修复, 保存, 或者更换飞机上的部件, 或者谁监督(i.e.,指导和检查)这些活动,积极参与. ASI可能会使用申请人提供的证据或文件来证明检查, 改革, 修复, 保存, 或者在飞机上更换部件或者监督这些活动. This evidence or documentation when required could include employment records showing performance or supervision of aircraft maintenance, 返回服务文件和或维修记录的副本.”

澄清的结果是 FAA关于建议政策的通知这篇文章于2010年11月发表,吸引了950多条评论.

“We thank the FAA for adding clarity to the definition and including 365bet官方’s suggestion for adding supervisory and management personnel in the revised guidance,nba总裁兼首席执行官埃德·伯伦说道.